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You'll enjoy building these classic medieval castles, each one's place in history was instrumental in the development of the "Old Country." Now you can bring history back to life with these fun to build castles. All Castle Plans have been thoroughly researched and drawn to actual scale as the original castles were built.  Each plan also includes a brief history of the castle.





Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle was built in 1446 in County Cork, Ireland.  It is one of the most famous castles in the world. Kissing the Blarney stone, located in one of the murder holes on the under side of the machicolated battlements, about 80 feet above the ground, is said to bring you good luck and bring you back to Ireland. (More...)

Download FREE plans of Blarney Castle - build Blarney Castle with this easy paper cut-out design.

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Caer Cynan Castle

Caer Cynan is similar in design to other early Norman castles, such as the Tower of London and Dover castle.  The huge stone keep was constructed in 1120 and the outer curtain wall was built ten years later. The castle features a large central three-story keep.  The upper portion is open to allow easy access to the interior.  The castle entrance is on the second floor and is reached by a flight of stone steps.  A 70 foot tower is located at each corner of the keep. (More...)





Dragonhead Castle
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This beautiful little castle features a keep, gate house, mural towers, barbican, and a secret dungeon with a maze.  This is a modified Norman motte (mound) and bailey (enclosure) castle dating to 1068.  The motte, hollowed out to contain the labyrinthine dungeon, originally supported a wooden building where the keep now stands. It was rimmed by a wooden palisade, now replaced by the stone curtain wall in 1153.  The small keep is of the square Norman design. (More...)





Llanstephan Castle

This very small castle roughly approximates the type of stone structure built in the 12th century to replace some of the primitive wooden motte and bailey castles of the previous century. Castles of this type were often small with only one ward whose stone wall replaced the earlier palisade.  The keeps of these castles were usually square and built into the walls of the bailey. (More...)





Moorland Keep

Moorland Keep was built by Sir Roger de Broyce in 1174 on the southern coast of Wales. Sir Roger was one of the early Marcher Lords of the area. The castle is also reminiscent of the late 11th century “naked” tower castle featured in the movie, “The War Lord,” staring Charlton Heston.  The castle was the property of Duke William of Gant, placed along the southern coast of Normandy to guard against Friesian raiders.  The castellan was the knight Sir Chrisigon de la Croux.





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Norman Keep is my latest addition of castle plans. Representing the structures built by members of a Scandinavian people who settled in northern France in the tenth century. This style of Romanesque architecture introduced from Normandy into England before 1066 and that flourished until about 1200. (More...)

This set of plans is a great addition to any of the castle building projects. You can create your own castle or add to any of the castles in the series. The plan set includes plans for building walls, basic corner and mural towers, gate towers, gate walls, and draw bridge construction. (More...)

Motte and Bailey Castle Made of Toothpicks. During the 11th century motte (mound) and bailey castles spread across Western Europe, especially in Normandy. The plans provided allow the model castle builder to construct either a large or small model of a motte and bailey castle. Toothpicks work very well to represent the palisades around the baileys, which ever scale you choose.
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Brochs were built in many parts of Scotland before and during the time of the Roman occupation. They are beautiful and unique structures. This one is easy to construct from small stones. An example is the broch at Clickhimin, shown here.



This paper (card stock) model of Dover Castle which is described as the 'Key to England' because of its strategic and defensive importance, Dover Castle is built on the site of fortified earthworks, dating back to the Iron Age or earlier. After the Roman invasion in AD43, Dover was developed as a port, constructing a lighthouse around 50AD which still survives today. (More...)

This paper (card stock) model of a Norman castle is designed after the general Norman style of castles, where all the towers are square. The keep has four square towers and is suggestive of the keeps at Dover Castle and the Tower of London.

These buildings may be used for building medieval to renaissance towns, or as buildings around or within a castle. Towns can be used for war gaming settings or Shakespeare period dioramas. (More...)

This castle is a great Christmas or Birthday Party project. It is also great as a festive Christmas centerpiece. (More...)

Kids Love 'Em!! This castle is a great Christmas or Birthday Party project. It is quick and easy to assemble. Any age of child can help build it. It is also great as a festive Christmas centerpiece and a creative way to serve donuts. (More...)
This crenellated castle tower may be used as a stand-alone play structure or as part of a larger play area. Better than a tree house! The children will not only love playing in the castle, they'll be learning about medieval history. (More...)
Military helmets date from ancient times. Their basic function was to protect the head, face, and sometimes the neck from the cutting blows of swords, spears, arrows, and other weapons.  About the year 1200 the helm, or heaume, emerged. It was a flat-topped cylinder that was put on over the skullcap just before an engagement; experience soon dictated rounded contours that would cause blows to glance off.
  Here is a classic Tudor Doll House that will thrill any child or adult 1” scale doll house enthusiast. This 1” scale doll house features a castle tower as its entry hall. A 1” scale knight’s suit of armor makes a perfect addition to this entrance. (More...)