Clever Decks 

Castle Trumps is the educational game that teaches all about British medieval castles and history. You’ll learn about their importance, and their major role in British history. You’ll learn about the age and size of Britain’s greatest castles, their defences and sieges, and how much of them remains today.

English Heritage

This site connects you to what is going on in England to preserve its historic castles and other buildings. The site also lists tours and events occurring during the year. Plan a trip there, you will never regret it!

Castle of Wales

The height of the English castle building era occurred in Wales. As a result, some of the best castles in the world can be found there. This site describes the castles in great detail.

Hirst Arts

Here is a site where you can buy rubber molds for building various castle parts. I have not tried any of them.

Castles of the World

Castles of Britain

Great Castles

This site is full of great castle information, historical data, castle legends, and lots of fun games to play.

Paul’s Castle

This site is dedicated to the local history of the Medway area of Kent England. Featuring photographs of Rochester castle and cathedral, Dover castle and other sites of historical interest in southeast England.