Paper Castle for 25 mm Figures


The ultimate castle is one children can actually play in! The three-story, thirteen-foot-high tower is the ultimate playhouse. It includes a basement with postern (secret) back door, main floor with drawbridge and spiral staircase, and a six-foot-diameterbattlement on top. This crenellated castle tower may be used as a stand-alone play structure or as part of a larger play area. Children thrill at the working drawbridge, the secret back door, and spiral stairs leading to the battlement, which provides a spectacular view of the surroundings.


25 mm (1 inch; 1:72 scale) is a popular size for war gaming soldiers. The most common kind of war gaming figures are the Warhammer Bretonnia figures. These are beautifully done gaming pieces. Such figures are available in most upscale gaming stores and on the internet. 

Our castle is to scale with these 25 mm figures, includes a keep, gate, and unlimited numbers of wall pieces and towers. A little creativity can make a central keep with any size and shape of castle walls you want. You can construct any number of towers and wall sections, to make the castle any size you desire. 

These castles can also be built of wood or Styrofoam by using the plans to cut the pieces. 

This castle is of the early Norman style, with a solid square keep (tower) and square wall towers. This castle is made of 2/3 inch (16 mm) x 2/3 inch x various lengths of card stock (paper) blocks. Because these blocks leave distinct lines on the finished castle (see the photographs of the white, uncovered towers and walls), I covered the keep (see photo) with white card stock, which can then be painted. Alternatively, the castle can be covered with a printed rock pattern (third to lase image in file). This page may be printed many times over and the paper cut to various shapes to cover all the castle surfaces (see photos of finished castle). The second to last page is the patter of the exterior floors for the tops of the towers and the roof of the keep. The final image is of wood floors for the interior of the keep and for the surface of the drawbridge.    

These plans also include plans for square people, which may be used with the castle.