The Globe Theater



There were several theaters and bear-baiting arenas on the south bank of the Thames (Southwark) during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: The Globe, The Curtain, The Rose, and The Bear Garden, among others. The Globe was built and rebuilt several times. At one point in its history, Shakespeare’s company was one of the owners of The Globe. It was destroyed by fire in 1612 and reopened in 1614. It was destroyed by Puritans in 1644 and not reopened until the nineteenth century.

This model of The Globe is designed to be printed onto paper (I use 110 pond card stock), cut out and glued together (I prefer Tacky Glue) to make the model. The model includes a highly detailed version complete with seats and people, as well as a simpler version with the audience printed as a photo. I used the simpler version, without entry buildings, for my model of the Bear Garden, near the Globe.