Wood Castle for 75mm Figures




75mm (3inches; 1:24 scale) is a wonderful size fortoy soldiers. Themore common“standard” size for toy figures is 55 mm (2 ¼ inches).Those are also nice and are less expensive, but usually don’t come paintedand are lessdetailed.Several companies make the largerscale(75 mm)oftoy soldiers, such as Schleich,Papo, and Safari.These are beautifully done toy soldiers and knights (see photos).Such figuresare available in most upscale toy stores andon the internet.A major problem with 75 mm toy soldiers is thatcastlesfor this scaleare very limited and very expensive. A Schleich “castle,” for example, which consists onlyofa gate and two towers (and are noteventhe correct scale) run from $200 to $300.This woodencastle, consisting of a gate with two towers, plus two more towers,is to scale with these 75 mmfigures. Although the plans for this castle are quite specific, a little creativity can make any size and shape of castle walls and towers you want to surround the main set of towers.You can construct any number of towers and wall sections, to make the castle any size you desire.